The Interior of The Heritage Tiny House is Amazing - Wait Till You See the Bathtub!

The Interior of The Heritage Tiny House is Amazing - Wait Till You See the Bathtub!

The Heritage is a tiny house on wheels from Summit Tiny Homes in the Okanagan of British Columbia. The Heritage is a timeless design with plenty of charm. The interior is full of elegant finishes that are inspired by vintage appeal. True to its namesake this tiny house on wheels has a heritage touch and is a tiny house design that is all about the details. This tiny house boasts an open living/kitchen space with a cozy built-in window seat, a full bathroom, sleeping loft and lovely galley kitchen. The Heritage tiny house on wheels is available in size ranges from 20

feet long all the way up to 34 feet long.

The Heritage tiny house on wheels is beautiful inside and out with an exterior that is full of charm. With a grey exterior with a bay window, scalloped cedar shingles on the upper part of the tiny house, and quality details everywhere you look. Once you step inside, it only gets better with a custom kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets, white countertops, and white appliances. The Heritage has a built-in hood over the stove, and country inspired fixtures and faucets. There are built in stairs with storage underneath that lead up to the sleeping loft, so there is no having to deal with ladders to get up and down from the loft at night. The kitchen has plenty of kitchen cabinets to provide sufficient storage. The kitchen has a washing machine that is tucked in perfectly under the stairs.

The upstairs sleeping loft is finished in white shiplap for an elegant look, with windows on either side of the bed and a skylight to let in plenty of natural light. The high ceilings in the living/kitchen area make the Heritage tiny house on wheels feel spacious and bright. The living room sits in front of the bay window for a cozy sitting nook that ties in nicely with the room. The bathroom for this custom tiny house on wheels is just as good as the rest of the tiny house with a white farmhouse style sink with storage underneath and built-in shelves on the side. There is a claw foot bathtub in this adorable tiny house bathroom to complete the look.

A tiny house on wheels offers a lot of freedom when it comes to small house living. One question many people have when it comes to tiny houses on wheels is where these homes can be parked. The answer to this varies depending on where you live. Most tiny houses on wheels get put under the classification of recreational vehicles so in many communities they are treated as such. The best answer to this tiny house question can be found at your local municipal office, and there will be certain zoning requirements that may need to be met. If you are considering a tiny house on wheels, you will want to do your research first, as every community is different.

A tiny house on wheels offers simplicity and the flexibility to move your tiny house without having to worry about special transport vehicles, licenses and permits. You can use a tiny house on wheels for a variety of things to include travel, a rental home, guest house, artist studio, full-time living, backyard office and more. All of the trailers with Summit Tiny Homes are custom designed and quality built which makes them road legal to drive without a permit or a special license in most jurisdictions as long as the GVW of the towing vehicle for your tiny house meets the requirements of your local laws and regulations.

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