The Kibanda is a Cozy Cottage in Bristol, England

The Kibanda is a Cozy Cottage in Bristol, England

This Kibanda tiny house design is something to admire. If you fall in love with small cottage homes and rustic cabins, then this timber built tiny cabin will be right up your alley. Log cabins and cottages can be quite inspiring to browse through, especially if you are looking to build your own cabin or build your own tiny house or cabin. Tiny houses and cabins take us back to a simpler time when people lived within their means. Not too long ago people worked long hard days just to keep the family fed and sheltered. These days, people build houses much larger than what they may need because they can afford to do so, but there are many people who can't afford to have a large house. Tiny house living is the perfect solution for people who are tired of renting and would rather own their own home or for those who can't afford to buy a larger home.

Tiny homes aren't usually much larger than 500 square feet, and tiny houses on wheels are usually much smaller that this at a size of 40 square feet to 400 square feet in size. A tiny house design like this one can have any dimensions, but a tiny house on wheels can be no larger than 8 feet wide by 30 feet long and 13 feet tall. This is because a tiny house on wheels is meant to be towed down the road, and able to be moved around as needed. So in order to be road safe and to tow it without a permit, these are the specifications it must fit in.

Since this tiny house isn't built on a trailer, it can have any dimensions and can have any design. The home is built on a hill which gives it a great view of the surrounding land. It's built out of timbers and has a full face of glass doors and windows which help it meld into the scenery around it. The deck is perfect for extending the inside space to the outdoors and would also be a great place to enjoy meals or a cup of coffee in the morning. Inside, the home is just as cozy and comfortable as you'd imagine it to be. There are Persian rugs on the floor to warm it up and a nice wood burning stove to keep the chill off.

The bed looks very comfortable and is placed on a platform with storage in it. Every nook and cranny of this little cabin has been used to the best of its ability. There are spots for each item like bookshelves above the doors and wine glass holders that are able to hold the glasses upside down to provide more space underneath. The builder also made great use of windows in the space. The openings really bring in the outdoors making the space seem larger than it truly is. Imagine waking up in that bed inside the cabin to the beautiful view of nature surrounding you. It would be absolutely beautiful.

If you have a piece of land and can build your own tiny house and dream up your own tiny house design, then the Kibanda will be some great inspiration for you to take in. The cabin is quite simple and rustic, but it is this simplicity that gives it it's character and charm. This cabin was all hand built seemingly out of recycled or upcycled materials which is a great thing to do if you can find decent materials to use. Not only does using recycled materials cut down on the overall cost of the building project, but it also helps to keep waste out of the landfills which is good for the Earth.

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