The Log Cabin at the Heart of Eagle Brae Luxury Log Cabin Retreat

The Log Cabin at the Heart of Eagle Brae Luxury Log Cabin Retreat

Eagle Brae Luxury Log Cabin Retreat is a result of years of planning and hard work for owners Mike and Pawana Spencer-Nairn. Since Mike's family was originally from Scotland and Pawana's family ran a guesthouse in India the couple always had a dream of having their own retreat and guest house rentals in Scotland. So in 2005, Mike and Pawana left Jersey to create the holiday experience in the Scottish Highlands consisting of several different rustic style log cabins. The cabins were all built by Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, one of the most well-loved log builders in the world. Pioneer Log Homes has been the leader of sustainably built log homes throughout the world, and they have built some incredible log homes, cabins and chalets. It was very important to Mike and Pawana to choose a log builder who had similar values as them, and Pioneer Log Homes was definitely that company. Pioneer considers themselves stewards of the forest and you may even know them from their show Timber Kings building log homes that are not just merely homes, but works of art. They use Western Red Cedar logs which are known for their beauty and durability. All of the logs were cut to shape in Canada before transporting them to Scotland to create the log cabins on their property.

Strix is just one of the 10 log cabins on the property and it combines the best of rustic log cabin design and modern style. The cabin is placed on an incredibly serene plot of land surrounded by lush green grass and trees. It's really like a dream come true the setting it's in. The cabin also boasts incredible views of the surrounding land, and it's the only cabin there that has a view of the duck pond on the property. You'll also notice the beautiful and lush green roof with grass and plant life growing on it providing even more greenery and places for animals and insects to go. This green roof will also help with regulating the temperatures inside of the cabin keeping it nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter thanks to it providing a layer of insulation. A large wooden deck on the front of the log cabin features hand-carved railings and chairs, as well as a picnic table to sit at and enjoy the outdoors. The cabin features the main entrance as well as double glass-paned doors that open up to the deck creating continuity from inside to outside. Strix can sleep 2 people making it the perfect romantic escape for couples or a relaxing place for someone to venture to on their own. You can even bring your dogs along too.

The large and inviting living room features a great wood burning fireplace in the corner acting as the focal point of the room and as a perfect source of heat and ambiance. Nestled around the fireplace is some very comfortable furniture and above are soaring ceilings that make the cabin appear larger than it is. There is also another seating area on the loft level providing more space to relax and enjoy the views from up high. The bedroom is private and very comfortable with fresh linens and a beautiful wood bedframe. Strix is the Latin genus name for the Tawny Owl, which guests will be able to hear each night as they are relaxing in the cabin. Hand-carved Himalayan wood carvings are found on the staircase adding an artistic touch and some classic symbology. Each of the cabins is named after birds in the area giving the cabins a personality of their own. Even though the cabins look quite rustic from the outside, they are far from it with modern appliances, Wi-Fi and a TV on the upper level. The perfect place to experience a relaxing time in a home away from home.

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