The Melody is a Contemporary Nordic Log Home with a Ton of Class

The Melody is a Contemporary Nordic Log Home with a Ton of Class

There's nothing more beautiful than a log home built by professional craftspeople, especially when the log home has a mix of contemporary and traditional design features. This log house is one of the beautiful homes from Honka, built in Saint-Petersburg for a family of three. The couple and their daughter needed a home that was spacious and bright, but they wanted logs incorporated into the design, so Honka was the perfect log builder to go through. The home is absolutely stunning from the outside, overlooking the small lake on the property. They named this log home Melody, and it definitely suits it. The home also features panoramic views through an abundance of windows bringing nature indoors to create a sense of harmony within the home. Plus, most of the spaces on the main floor exit out into the yard creating an even stronger connection with nature. And, of course, since the home itself is constructed out of real logs, it is already so connected with nature. The architecture of this home is unique and multifaceted with multileveled gable rooftops. The height of the home gradually gets larger until it's at it's highest peak in the living area inside the home making for stunning cathedral ceilings. The main floor has one open space that unites the kitchen, living room and dining area. Then the kitchen also leads outside to a garden space with a BBQ where the family can cook and relax enjoying their beautiful yard.

The glass room in the summer house can also open up to create an open patio, but then in the winter, it can still be used thanks to the cover and in floor heating. Inside the main home, the stunning features include a winding staircase leading up to the second floor made out of oak and glass railings. The staircase surrounds a double-sided fireplace as well which is a focal point on the main floor. The living room also features an entertainment centre with comfortable seating and a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the centre of the room. So the style of this home is far from rustic, but still has a Nordic and natural style to it as well. Up on the second floor is another lovely sitting area with an incredible library along one wall. This would be the perfect place to sit and enjoy a day of reading and would be such an inspiration for those who love books. Each and every piece of decor was carefully hand-picked giving the home a curated and luxurious feel. They mainly went with neutral tones of white, beige, grey and dark brown to tastefully decorate the home.

In total, there are 6 bedrooms in the home with the master bedroom on the second floor along with an ensuite bathroom. The total square footage in the home is 6,100 square feet, and they built it in 2010. For this home, the builders used square logs with a thickness of 182 mm each providing great insulation and soundproofing. The Melody log home was designed by architects Irina Zavarina and Vycheslav Khomutov who did an incredible job of this home. The inspiring interior design was done by interior designer Maria Ivanova, and the home was built by Honka, a log builder founded in 1958 in Eastern Finland by five brothers. Now the company offers products all around the world so that people can realize their log home dreams. They have built around 85,000 houses in various places around the world, and they have also created innovative products that enhance log home building techniques making the process more efficient and affordable, but most importantly, sustainable and eco-friendly.

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