The Mendocino County Cottage is Both Contemporary and Cozy

The Mendocino County Cottage is Both Contemporary and Cozy

This tiny house is known as Mendocino County House because it's located in Mendocino County, California. The home is 840 square feet with beautiful forest views all around. There are so many great design details in this tiny house from the under counter laundry in the bathroom to the great built-in shelving unit in the living room. On the exterior, the home features all wood and then on the interior they went with wood floors and walls with high ceilings in the living area. This gives a modern look with modern furnishings and clean lines. The use of windows in this tiny house works well with the beautiful surrounding forest scenery while also letting in lots of natural light. The entry terrace has a built-in bench and planter; there is also a built-in desk in the office space. A wood stove in the living area works well for cold days. The owners of the home commission Cathy Schwabe Architecture, to design their 840 square foot cottage and she did a wonderful job of the small house design as she does with all of her projects.

The owners wanted the tiny house to have a laid back, comfortable vibe and that it does. It was also constructed on a sloping lot which offers great views and privacy from surrounding homes. There is also a retaining wall that directs seasonal rainwater away from the cabin and into the river. The home feels a lot like a tree house with its high freestanding design and there are many green features in the home as well. The home has natural ventilation and lots of natural light which means that it won't need artificial versions of either. They also installed dimmers for all of the lights and for the water fixtures they used low flow fixtures. The siding is all locally harvested cedar siding, and they included a built-in recycling center and Energy Star appliances.

This tiny house construction is a good example of how the property where you are designing your tiny house is just as important as the tiny house construction. With this tiny house, the use of windows is the perfect compliment to the forest scenery, a way to enjoy the view but also a great architectural feature of the home too. Everything about this tiny house design, from the tiny home design exterior to the home interior and the surrounding property, flow together perfectly. This tiny house is a great example of what you can accomplish with tiny house design.

When you combine good architectural design and a scenic location, you have a tiny house construction that raises the bar and one that looks like it was always a part of its surroundings. Some of the benefits of going with an architect for your tiny house building is that they will have a greater understanding of your needs and because of this you'll end up with a better design. An architectural designer will help you to avoid design errors, offer creative solutions, help you choose the right building materials and finishes and help make your home design a profitable investment.

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