The Rustic Style Sherwood Tiny Home Was Built Using Mostly Reclaimed Materials

The Rustic Style Sherwood Tiny Home Was Built Using Mostly Reclaimed Materials

Wouldn't it be great to have a home or cabin that was both affordable and sustainable but also built to high-quality standards? Molecule Tiny Homes shows us just how possible it is with many of their tiny house designs including The Sherwood, an 18 foot by 20-foot tiny house that sold for $60,000. Molecule Tiny Homes usually builds their homes on single-wide trailers, but this tiny home was built on a double-wide trailer because it's a bit larger than a typical tiny house. One of the most impressive things about this build is that it was built using mainly reclaimed and recycled materials which gives it a really nice and homey feel. The Sherwood tiny house would be a great model for a recreational cabin or a lovely guest house in a back yard. Or, someone may enjoy living in a small home like this full-time too. From the exterior, the home looks very inviting and cozy, just like you'd expect a cabin in the woods to look. They used some reclaimed wood for the exterior siding which looks really great and rustic. They also used some reclaimed French doors as the main entrance doors which have glass inserts in them to allow the light in.

Some of the windows even appear to be older and reclaimed as well which can save a bunch of money on any project. Although, if you would like your building to be really energy efficient it's a good idea to make sure that the windows you use in a project like this are double or triple paned glass for the best insulation. Inside, the little house features high ceilings and a cute kitchen area with reclaimed cabinets and countertops with enough room for a little fridge or stove. They also added in an antique sink that looks really cool as a part of the design and gives it a very unique touch of vintage charm. The builders also left all of the beams in the ceiling showing which adds so much to the interior and shows off their great craftsmanship. There's also a side door that's similar to the French doors for another access to the home. This would also help with air circulation which is helpful on a hot day. On the front of the home is also a great patio that's built right onto the trailer making it easy for the owners to have a patio as soon as they set their tiny house on wheels in place. There would be no building of a deck or patio since it's already built on for them saving time and possibly money too.

If you're interested in building your own tiny house or cabin from reclaimed materials, it's quite easy to find reclaimed and recycled materials these days from salvage yards or through people in your community. Always keep an eye on the buy and sell ads in your community for anyone selling recycled materials. Sometimes people are tearing down an old house or barn and want to either give away or sell the materials to someone who will use them. So this is a good way to save money and to recycle which helps the environment by cutting back on the need for new materials. Molecule Tiny Homes is a tiny house building company who builds and designs all of the homes they create. They build these homes on flatbed trailers, but they can also build them on foundations as well. Their homes are completely custom tailored to their customer's needs so that each person has a unique tiny house or cabin that they love.

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