The Shingle Cove Cottage Is Designed To Blend In With Nature

The Shingle Cove Cottage Is Designed To Blend In With Nature

A home that blends in with its natural surroundings, the Shingle Cove Camp is everything a nature lover could want. Located on the shoreline of Sebago Lake, Maine the beautiful tiny home is built on a foundation with lots of natural materials. This lovely tiny house is super modern and makes good use of lots of stone throughout the build with a stone fireplace inside, the stone used in the shower, on the exterior as siding and on the steps that lead up to the outdoor patio. Inside the tiny house, the stone fireplace makes the space feel warm and cozy, and all of the natural wood and neutral tones help to bring the outdoors in. The outdoor patio of this tiny home is also spectacular with a modern feel and patio doors that can be tucked away to make the interior and exterior spaces blend into one another.

The arched roofline is very unique and not only looks interesting from the outside of the home, but it provides extra headroom on the inside of the home as well which is very important for a small space. The interior is well designed with multifunctional furniture and an open concept layout that works perfectly for a smaller space. Custom built counters, tables and desks are available and there is also an abundance of storage space in the cabinets which is always necessary in a tiny home.

The fireplace is the focal point of this home and looks beautiful surrounded in stone, again bringing a feel of the outdoors inside the home. The full panelled sliding doors help bring in light and views of the outside world whether they are opened or closed and there are plenty of other windows throughout the home as well. The doors are installed on the corner of the home, so when they're open the entire corner of the home is completely open creating a continuation from the living room out onto the patio. This would be perfect for dinners outside in the summertime as well as parties or entertaining. The bathroom looks very natural with stone tiles lining the walls and slate tile in the shower almost making it feel as though you're showering at an outdoor waterfall or cave. The floors are also a beautiful grey slate tile which creates the look of natural Earth.

In the bedroom, there is plenty of room for a bed and some great storage cabinets as well as a bench seat. There is also lots of room to walk around the bed and get dressed too. All of the furnishings and decor were kept minimal which lends to the clean appearance of the home. If you look closely on the exterior view of the home you'll also be able to notice an outdoor shower which is great for rinsing off on hot summer days. Small house living is more popular than ever before, and its no wonder, what these tiny house spaces lack in space they make up for in design and style and there are more of them being created all of the time.

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