The Tiny Home That Has Nothing To Hide

The Tiny Home That Has Nothing To Hide

This is a home that literally has nothing to hide with all of the walls being floor to ceiling windows, this home is completely transparent. The home was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects in Japan and shows off a very unique and modern design and style. It makes for great exposure to light and a feeling of expansion inside the home, but this is not a home you would want to walk around naked in. The 914 square-foot transparent house was inspired by early humans who lived in trees. Sou Fujimoto says that it's interesting that trees are not isolated but connected each other. The white steel frame and glass windows don't look anything like a tree, but its design is meant to function like a tree and to offer the same comforts that a tree-dwelling would have back in history. They created a house that looks like no other home on the street it's on.

From the outside, it looks somewhat like a fishbowl or an aquarium exhibit, but you can see that on the inside it is fully habitable. The interior of the home doesn't have many walls either which creates even more light throughout the space. The only thing that some people may be adverse to is the lack of privacy. So that means everyone on the street and the neighbours can see. The design also feels somewhat like a bunk bed or a clubhouse with multiple levels and loft spaces. There are three stories and 21 platforms in total providing separate spaces to lounge and relax. Each of the platforms is around 21-81 square feet. There are plenty of places to hang out much like you would if you were in a tree. The home was created for a young couple in a quiet area of Tokyo, Japan. The home includes 914 square feet with concrete block walls which is popular in buildings in Japan. Believe it or not, the open design was actually requested by the clients who wanted to have the open space.

It's made of 1-inch thick corrugated steel deck plates and rectangular beams and columns which were all assembled and welded on the building site. The different platforms are then connected by either stairs or ladders as well as short runs moveable steps making the space really versatile. The HVAC and plumbing, lateral bracing and storage are in the north wall which is at the back of the house. Don't worry though; there are curtains in the home too that were installed to give the residents some privacy. There are also some partitions installed within the home to give the residents privacy from each other when needed. For the flooring, they installed birch flooring that was tinted white. The stairs blend in with the rest of the finished through the home, but they also brighten up the space even more. They also added modern furniture into the space to make it function optimally. There is a great hutch that is used for storing dishes and other kitchenware. There are also bookshelves to hold books and other items to keep everything nice and organized. The bathroom is also completely transparent which is a bit disconcerting, but it may have some of the privacy functions that the other rooms. You can also see that there are desks and work areas which would make this space great for people who work from home or for students who are studying all the time. This home may not be for everyone, but it sure is an inspiring design. Even with more solid walls, this home would hold it's interesting character.

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