The Walden Has 400 Square Feet of Spacious Tiny House Living

The Walden Has 400 Square Feet of Spacious Tiny House Living

The Walden tiny house plans are available for $225. The Waldon tiny house building is one of the few Hobs that has two exterior doors which gives you direct access to the outdoor porch and the patio in the back. The good sized loft provides extra space for sleeping or use as a home office. The queen sized bump out in the tiny house building can be used for sleeping or extra space downstairs if you sleep upstairs in the loft. The bathroom has a sink bump out and a three foot by three-foot shower. The Waldon tiny house building has a 3/4 sized kitchen with a kitchen island that bridges the space next to the living room area. The tiny house design has high windows in the front that provide great light and ventilation. This tiny house building has a warm and cozy feel with its 400 square foot design.

When you purchase a house plan from Hobbitat, you will receive easy to read tiny house building blueprints, floor plans, detailed wall sections, elevations and foundation options. The traditional large paper prints for your tiny house plans will be mailed to your door $3 extra. Copies of the house plan will also be included for your permits and subcontractors. The Waldon is just one of the tiny cabin buildings available from Hobbitat. This tiny house company from Oakland, Maryland has a variety of small houses available to choose. The tiny house buildings from Hobbitat are called Hobs which is their version of small house living. Their tiny house buildings range in size from 225 square feet to 750 square feet in size, with a variety of different styles and layouts. All of the tiny house designs from HObbitat include everything you would find in a larger sized home to include a full kitchen, full bath, main level bedroom and an upstairs loft.

When you go with a house plan, you can save yourself a lot of the guesswork, and know exactly how your tiny house building will look when it's complete. It's definitely worth the investment in a good set of house plans, it will be an investment in your future home that you will be happy you made.

Each of Hob tiny house building is built in the Hobbitat shop so that they can avoid the pitfalls that are usually associated with on-site built home designs. Things such as bad weather and site delays are avoided when you order online. With an indoor built Hob tiny house building, you avoid the delays that are associated with snow, mud, rain, and mold. Using their cocoon building style they can assure that all of the utilities are contained in the building envelope. They use foam insulation that wraps all of the sides of the cabin building to seal out any cold, heat and noise. Each Hob tiny house building is designed, so they drain downwards which make them worry-free during the colder winter months. The Hob tiny house buildings make for a great starter home that you can later turn into a guest house if you choose.

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