The Waterhaus, A Tiny Sustainable Prefab Tiny Home

The Waterhaus, A Tiny Sustainable Prefab Tiny Home

This modern, stunning tiny house building emphasizes sustainable and healthy living in its design. The tiny house building is built using structural insulated panels (SIPs), to ensure that the walls in the home design are well-insulated and provide a tight building envelope. This tiny house interior design has details such as a bathroom that is narrower in the shower, which helps to give a bit of extra space to both the bedroom and the living area in this modern tiny house design. The space in the bedroom corner creates a nice reading nook that is situated by a window to offer some natural light, while a cozy niche in the living room area can be used for an optional fireplace or a storage cabinet area. Other details in this modern tiny house building include corner windows that let in the natural daylight that also reflects off the flanking walls, which helps to light the room more evenly and naturally. This tiny house floor plan has both the bedroom and the living room with corner windows that are located in the center of the tiny house plans rather than at the far corners.

The Waterhaus is by GreenPod Development, a prefab home builder located in Port Townsend, Washington. The Waterhaus model has 450 square feet of space. There is so much to love about this tiny house design with its unique corner window design and clerestory windows which are a simple way to get more even light levels while still maintaining a bit of privacy. Both the living room and the bedroom have clerestory windows which help to bring in daylight from three sides. The tiny house building also comes with optional translucent glass panes in the passage doors to help with lighting the hallway.

One benefit to this modern tiny house building is that the view is directed away from any neighboring homes. The tiny house design has good sized windows that are pushed towards the middle of the tiny house so you can still enjoy the outdoor views from other areas of the tiny house floor plan. The interior design of this tiny house building has been carefully thought out to make the most of this modern tiny house design from window placement, built-in storage, and how the modern tiny house design feels all around.

The Waterhaus is just one of the tiny house designs you might consider when looking for a tiny house. It's nice to go with a builder who is transparent and respects the environment and knows the importance of sustainable and healthy living. Some of the benefits of a Greenpod tiny house design include their use of local craftsmen, and homes designed to the highest Built Green and LEED certifications offers a variety of selected natural interiors products that promote healthy indoor air quality. We have developed varying styles which complement the homes in different areas and landscapes. The Waterhaus tiny house is a prefab tiny house building that takes a lot of the guesswork of designing your tiny house building. The Waterhaus prefabs are built in a factory and then assembled on the building site which does away with lengthy weather delays, so you will know when your tiny house design will be ready. The Waterhaus tiny house building is built to suit your budget and building site, so you get the tiny house design that suits you best.

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