The World's First Carbon Positive Eco Home That You Can Buy

The World's First Carbon Positive Eco Home That You Can Buy

This home has all of the comforts of a regular home, but it's a completely sustainable dwelling that's carbon positive. In fact, it's the first carbon positive eco home that can be purchased. It comes with everything needed to start the home including solar rooftop panels, in-ground cooling tubes to cool the home, plus a sliding garden filled with vegetables and herbs to block the sun, providing shade and cooling to the home as well as providing food. There is also a grey wastewater and filter for the toilet. Apparently, this home is so eco-friendly that it will be similar to taking 267 cars off the road. The homes are all prefabricated too which means they can be built quickly and affordably without producing much waste in the end. The entire construction process takes only about 12 to 28 weeks tops which also helps to accommodate more people and clients. These incredible homes come from Archiblox, a design and building company in Australia. They create buildings with all sustainable materials which are also all healthier than regular building materials. Unlike conventional materials, these ones don't contain formaldehyde and VOCs. The company calls this home their Carbon Positive House, and they've taken great measures to implement new and eco-friendly technologies into it. This is done to make sure that this home doesn't add to environmental issues, and that actually creates positive contributions because it generates more energy than the building needs.

The good news is, the company also sells these units as prefab homes or cottages. All of the designs can be changed to suit the client or the building site, and then customers can expect to see their building set up within 10 to 12 weeks depending on the design. Each of the homes looks beautiful on the exterior and interior, much like a modern apartment or condo suite. They also include in-ground cooling tubes to help keep the building cool on those hot days which works more efficiently than air conditioning. Besides the green moving walls, they also implemented a green roof as well which adds some insulation to keep the building warm or cool, whichever is needed at the time. They also have something called The Buffer Zone which acts as the lungs of the house and separates the inside from the outside air. They also create great airtight buildings which will save energy and create a nice, quiet space inside. The home also has hard-wired data lines which will help to reduce electromagnetic frequencies within the home which is a byproduct of WIFI and cell phones.

There is a nice desk that has been built into the space with book shelving surrounding it for adequate storage. This makes it a great place to work or study as well as live. There is also a built-in ironing board too. Each of the rooms flows into one another creating a nice open floor plan. The windows throughout the home bring in the natural sunlight and make the home seem connected to the outside world. They included a lot of moving joinery which allows the spaces to become larger or smaller as needed and to have different functions for furniture. The kitchen is a beautiful space, nice and clean with plenty of counter space and cabinets. Built in bench seating is also found in the living room making for some great fixed seating that is customized to the space. This is just one of the many innovations that Archiblox has come up with, and we can't wait to see more of their eco-friendly building projects in the future. Would you live in one of these cool eco-friendly homes?

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