This Gorgeous Tiny Home Integrates Both The Exotic Beauty Of Bali And Modern Comfort

This Gorgeous Tiny Home Integrates Both The Exotic Beauty Of Bali And Modern Comfort

The White Elephant tiny house is nothing short of fabulous. If you need any inspiration for a tiny house project, then this could provide you with some great inspiration. There are so many tiny housing projects now that will push you to be creative and be inspired to create your own. This tiny home is found on the island of Bali, Indonesia making it the perfect vacation spot. Staying in a place like this in the tropical environment would be an absolute paradise. This house took a year and three months to build, and its design was taken from the style of the Balinese Rice Barn. It has two floors, and you will also find a loft inside it.

The bath area is also inside, and you can find it on the terrace of the house. There are curtains that can be used to protect the privacy of anyone who will use it. If someone wants to do some cooking, there is a kitchenette provided so you will have a great space to prepare some delicious meals with the fresh fruits and vegetables available to you in Bali. The loft in this space is ideal for meditation, so if you want a peaceful scene and complete serenity; this one is for you. Jendela di Bali means a window on Bali making it the perfect place to experience Bali on a gorgeous private villa estate in the foothills near Ubud. It's removed from all of the touristy areas of Bali providing a great retreat away from all of the hustle and bustle showing you more of the local and ancient culture.

When guests step outside the gate they can discover quaint villages and rice fields surrounding the estate. Then just a short drive away there are sacred public temples, ancient relic sites and volcanoes to discover and explore. So this is the perfect opportunity to explore true Balinese culture. Also on the estate, there is a pool, lounge and media rooms for guests to use. This is a great example of some of the small homes built in North America out of converted barns and sheds. If you're considering building a tiny house of your own, remodelling an older building or home would be a great idea to save money and to bring some historical charm to the home as well.

The small home could be used as a rental like this one or it could even be used as a private guest house for the use of family and friends. People also use these smaller spaces for studios and offices. The ideas are limitless and the design concepts are vast. Using a pre-existing structure will also save you some money in having to build a home from scratch. Materials cost a lot of money, so by salvaging older materials, you can offset some of the building costs. Also, you'll be helping out the environment by remodelling a home. You can even repurpose older furniture and accessories as well to keep the look going throughout the home.

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