This Is One of the Most Impressive Log Home Interiors

This Is One of the Most Impressive Log Home Interiors

Log homes, log cabins and log chalets have always been a popular type of home, they can be built rustic, comfortable, eco-friendly and modern. If you like log homes you'll want to see this 2,727 square foot Spring Log Home floor plan with its incredible interior. This beautiful log home has all the space you need to live comfortably. The total living space for this stunning log home is 2,727 square feet with the first floor of this log home having 1,932 square feet, with an open great room and dining room area, a kitchen, guest room with bathroom, laundry room, office and porch. Then on the second floor of this log home you have 795 square feet, with a master bedroom and master bathroom, and a loft space.

The Expedition Log Homes company has lots of experience, so those who choose them to build a log home or cabin will be sure to get a quality home. Expedition Log Homes was created through a shared passion for the natural character and beauty of wood found in log homes, and has grown through a commitment to providing quality products and services. The shared vision of this log home business has led to a business environment founded upon honest, straightforward dealings with others. The founders of this company are seasoned log home professionals, working full time in the day to day operations of the business since founding it in 2000. You'll want to take a look at their amazing portfolio when you visit their website.

A log house may not be exactly the same as a log cabin but it is structurally identical to a log cabin. A house is typically made from logs that have not been milled into conventional lumber. The term log cabin is not preferred by most contemporary builders, as it generally refers to a smaller, more rustic log house such as a hunting cabin in the woods, or a summer cottage. Log construction was the most common building technique in large regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Baltic states and Russia, where straight and tall coniferous trees, such as pine and spruce, were readily available. It was also widely used for vernacular buildings in Eastern Central Europe, the Alps, the Balkans and parts of Asia, where similar climatic conditions were present. In the warmer and more westerly regions of Europe, where deciduous trees were more dominant, timber framing was favoured instead.

Some of the different types of log homes can include; handcrafted, which are typically made of logs that have been peeled, but essentially unchanged from their original appearance as trees; hewn logs, logs that are hewn by an axe to an oval, hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular section; sawn logs, logs that are sawn to a standard width, but with their original heights; milled also known as machine profiled, made with a log house moulder, made with logs that have been run through a manufacturing process which then converts them into timbers which are consistent in size and appearance. This log home has the best of both worlds including logs and drywall inside for a more modern look that people love.

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