This Modern Home Has The Spacious Feel of An Oak-Frame Barn

This Modern Home Has The Spacious Feel of An Oak-Frame Barn

The Barn Home is an oak frame barn style home from Oakwrights in the United Kingdom. The design and style of this beautifully crafted barn style home have all of the qualities you dream of in a home of this kind. Renovating traditional barns into luxurious barn style houses has become harder in recent years as the availability of suitable barn style properties has become more limited and the rising cost. But this does not mean your dream barn style house has to end there. Oakwrights has architectural designers who will work with you to combine the contemporary open feel of barn design and the local vernacular.

Typical barn style house features incorporate external finishes that combine external cladding, infill panel insulation, and large scale glazing. Internally, the barn style houses have fully vaulted ceilings that echo the spacious feel of the traditional oak frame barn. A major attraction of the barn style house is the flexibility that it allows in both its design and usage. Each timber frame cabin building they complete is the result of decades of experience. They continually look to research the best building technologies and invest in their staff to give you the best knowledge in oak frame design. All of this shows in their custom barn style house designs. This dynamic combination of both traditional craft skills and the cutting-edge CNC machine technology helps to create a beautifully designed oak frame that is well thought through and finished throughout with the finest quality.

Oakwrights has been designing their bespoke oak frame home designs, garages, barn style houses, garden buildings, and extensions since 1999. Whether you are wanting to build a beautifully styled family barn style home, renovate your grade II listed property or add a little bit of extra space for a child returning from university or guests, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for a natural stone small cottage plan, traditional or contemporary, each timber frame cabin building they build is completely bespoke, perfectly designed to your wants and needs. Their professional team of designers, carpenters, project managers and support staff will guide you through your barn style home build, stage by stage, from initial design to completion, so you know your cabin building project is safe in their hands.

Oak is a high quality, distinctive building material, that is rich in color. Oak has a very beautiful wood grain, especially if it is quartersawn, which is a technique that adds an elegant texture. Oak is also the type of wood that creates a rustic feeling, and when used with exposed beams, it can help to add character to your home. Durability. There are over 500 varieties of oak that are found around the world, and with each variety, there are three common features that this wood boasts to include being strong, durable and resistant to moisture. Not many other varieties of wood can compare to oak when used for support beams and foundations of cabin buildings, which makes it a favorite for carpenters and builders alike. You can guarantee that the frames will survive against the elements for years to come. Many houses that were built from oak during the 1500s and before and are still standing strong hundreds of years later, with the oak itself getting stronger the older the home becomes.

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