This Surf Shack Is Designed To Take Full Advantage Of The Beauty Of The Ocean And Nature

This Surf Shack Is Designed To Take Full Advantage Of The Beauty Of The Ocean And Nature

The Surf Shack is a surfer's dream home on wheels. In fact, the 24-foot tiny house was custom built for a surfer by Molecule Tiny Homes. Imagine having the ability to be able to take your home with you wherever you want to go. That would be especially great if you're a surfer who enjoys travelling around to catch the best waves. You could take the tiny house wherever you like and park it in different RV grounds or on someone's land to live very affordable and do what you're passionate about. The tiny house design has everything you'd need to live comfortably, and it's also super stylish too. From the outside, the tiny house looks really sleek and modern with a shed roof and large windows with wood siding. The large windows and sliding glass doors on the front would provide incredible views, maybe even of the ocean depending on where it's parked so you could check out the waves before you even get out there. On the inside, the home has an ocean colour scheme with blue walls and white trim. The kitchen even has an island made out of butcher block that's shaped in the form of a surfboard. How cool is that? The countertops are a deep blue, and then there is the stainless steel backsplash. For cooking, there's a two burner range and a small fridge for storing food. There's also a large sink and plenty of counter and cabinet space too.

One of the great features of this tiny house on wheels is that the ceilings throughout the home are nice and high thanks to the shed roof. The roof isn't slanted too much either which provides more of a consistent height throughout the space instead of one side being higher than the other. The bedroom is in a loft at the back of the tiny house which is accessed by a ladder. There's also a railing around the loft for safety as well, but it's made from minimal metal bars, so it looks sleek and stylish and fits in very well with the decor. Also, there' is another sliding glass door under the bedroom as well, so there are a couple of different accesses on the front of the house. There's also another door on the back of the house which is a regular steel door that you'd find on a conventional home. So in total, there are three doors into the home which would be great for air circulation. Another nice feature is the built-in shelving they've included in the living room area. All the living room needs is a nice sofa or maybe even some bean bag chairs or a hammock to really make this into the best lounge space. A nice deck on the front of the tiny house would also be a great way to extend the indoor living space as well.

The home also has a bathroom with a glass shower and toilet as well as a sink. For heating the home on cooler days, they installed a marine style heater that fits perfectly in the home without taking up too much space. In a shed on the outside of the home there is a battery bank, as well as solar panels on the roof, and inverter which powers entire house so it can be off-grid. That makes it even more perfect for those who want to live on the road and get the most out of life. Molecule Tiny Homes also has other tiny house models available including the Cape Cod, Chalet, Charwood Cabin, Craftsman Bungalow, Dormer Loft Cottage, and Venture.

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