This Tiny House is Designed to Combat Creepy Crawlies

This Tiny House is Designed to Combat Creepy Crawlies

The Sojourner tiny house on wheels uses the highest quality building materials and craftsmanship meaning their tiny houses will age well and last for generations to come. Hauslein uses termite resistant timber frames built from Western Red Cedar which has been used for centuries because of its well-known resistance to insects and rot. The Sojourner starts at $99,000 and also features Western Red Cedar cladding. To sojourn means to abide, rest, dwell or stay. It’s all about having a break from your journey, to be refreshed. In a tiny house on wheels, you can stop for a while, then move on in your own time, taking your tiny house with you. This tiny house on wheels is 26 feet long with one queen bedroom and one bathroom for a total of 306 square feet.

There is a sense of beauty and inspiration in the aesthetics the spaces Hauslein create. They use clever design and high-level functionality so that the tiny house design is no hindrance to your daily living. You'll have maximum comfort with enough room for a real couch and all the modern conveniences and luxuries you enjoy in a traditional home. The Sojourner has full off-grid capability for anyone who is seeking to reduce their footprint and make their tiny house on wheels fully self-sufficient & sustainable

Building materials used in these tiny house designs include termite resistant timber frames, trimdeck, slate matte finish color bond cladding, Western red cedar feature cladding, durable aluminum windows, toughened glass with double glazing available, flyscreens on all windows and well insulated with fibreglass wool & silver sarking (R2+). Other building materials include internal walls lined with solid pine paneling, timber and glass front door with traditional key lock door handle, stunning and durable, solid cypress pine flooring and bench tops and comfortable carpeting upstairs. Solid Rhino Ply cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom with no chipboard.

You can live in the Sojourner full time. This tiny house on wheels is set up for a high standard of living with all of the modern conveniences you need. The best part about tiny house living is that you won't have a 30-year mortgage. Use the tiny house on wheels for a family or guest accomodation, artist studio, or backyard office. Drive the Sojourner Tiny House on wheels into your backyard and have a new, self-contained accommodation space that is ready to use. You can simplify the Sojourner tiny house on wheels further if you want to use it in a studio or an office capacity. You may not want or need the full-sized kitchen and internals can be simplified or removed to help create space for work and creativity.

At every stage of the tiny house building process, they pay close attention to detail to help ensure that the finished tiny house on wheels is just right. Their experienced tradesmen use quality tools for the most precise and beautiful tiny house finishes. They choose only the best building materials and work in a controlled workshop environment to help ensure every tiny house is of the highest quality. Their tiny houses on wheels are designed and built in Australia and comply with both the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Design Rules.

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