This Tiny House on Wheels Stays Warm at 20 Below!

This Tiny House on Wheels Stays Warm at 20 Below!

This cozy tiny house on wheels is inspired by wooden Vargo wagons and is built to last a Colorado winter. The tiny house design has multiple floor plans that offer different sleeping arrangements. All of the models from High Country camps include a covered porch at the entrance, a dining area and kitchen that is in the center of the camper. There is a three-burner stovetop, fridge with freezer, large sink, and lots of kitchen cabinets. There is also a bench area that features seating and a pull-out table.

This tiny house on wheels offers different sleeping options to include bunk beds. In this tiny home floor plan, two people can sleep comfortably over a well-lit storage area. There is a good sized bathroom with a 32 inch by 32-inch shower, sink, and toilet. There are plenty of shelves, coat hooks, and storage for all of your small house living needs. This tiny house on wheels can handle Colorado’s high mountain desert climate and has been tested to -20 degrees F, with the help of insulation and a small propane heater. There is also an air conditioner for when the weather is warm that runs on a 2000 watt generator: all of the lights and the water pump for the tiny house design run on solar.

The tiny house on wheels was inspired when its builders moved from Alabama to Colorado. Originally they had brought a fifth wheel trailer with them, but almost immediately mice and cold temperatures made the trailer unsuitable in the harsh climate. That is what inspired them to design this tiny house design with so much insulation, testing it to 20 below zero. The tiny house on wheels stays warm at 20 below with the small heater propane heater that is installed. When the tiny house is plugged into 110 volts, the small space heater will help to keep it warm. The propane heater is efficient and will run for two weeks on one forty gallon tank of gas. The insulation in the tiny house design glues the camper together, is is very strong, with no flexing. At 100 degrees the air conditioner in the tiny home helps to keep the trailer cool. The air conditioner runs on a 2000 watt generator.

This tiny house on wheels is built to last, with all of the components in the tiny home being top quality. The drawer slides in the tiny home are the type you find on Mac and Snap-On tool boxes. The nice th ing is that you can repair this tiny house design from parts you find at your local hardware store, which is especially helpful when you are on the road. The tiny house on wheels is no heavier than other campers of like size, and this is because they used steel frames and light interior finishes. You'll need a six hundred pound trailer hitch to pull the tiny house on wheels up to the ski slope. This tiny home makes for an affordable way to go to the ski hills and travel.

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