This Yellow Tiny House Is Like a Ray of Sunshine

This Yellow Tiny House Is Like a Ray of Sunshine

This cute little yellow tiny house could be yours from Park Model Homes. For a limited time, they're also giving away a $3,000.00 credit for shipping costs. The home is available with everything you see in the photos, including the decor, furniture, fixtures and all. All you have to do is bring your own personal belongings and move right in. These tiny house park models work beautifully as cabins or vacation homes; some people also use them as guest homes or rentals in their backyard. The nice thing about this park model is that it comes with a cute little front porch and a great covered area to sit out an enjoy the scenery. The skirting at the bottom includes some nice stone bricks that match with the yellow siding as well. They also went with a white trim which looks great with the lighter yellow paint.

Through the front door is the living room area, which is nice and open thanks to the open floor plan and the nice high ceilings. A ceiling fan keeps the air circulating, and the windows allow great light and views of the surrounding area. The walls on either side of the living room are lined with large windows, and there is a large window on the front of the home with a glass pane in the front door and a couple of smaller windows higher up on the wall as well. They were able to fit a little sofa and a chair in the living room, making for a nice place to relax and lounge. Just steps away from the living room is the kitchen area, which may be small, but it has everything you need to make nice meals.

There are plenty of cabinets and lots of counter space as well. It's nice how they put the oven and one cabinet on an angle which opens up the kitchen a bit. The oven and fridge are both full sized, and then there is also a dishwasher to make things even more convenient. They also installed a double sink as well. At the end of the kitchen is the stackable washer and dryer unit, which would be perfect for getting all of the laundry done. This floor plan also includes a nice bedroom which fits a full sized bed and has lots of built-in features too. They've created an entire set of cabinets around the bed which is great for storage, plus a couple of bedside tables on either side of the bed.

In the bedroom, the bay window is also a nice feature since it really brightens the entire room up and opens it up as well. You'll always notice that larger windows in a smaller space make a big difference. They create a sense of continuity with the outside world making it feel like the wall does not exist, therefore opening up the room. The bathroom in this tiny house has a flush toilet and a vanity with a sink and mirror above. There would also be a shower in this unit as well even though you can't see it from the outside. Park Model Homes has a great variety of park model and tiny house floor plans to choose from in their collection. So if you're in the market for a smaller home or building, check out some of the great floor plans and models they have available. You can modify any of their floor plans to suit your needs and style preferences and to really make it your own space. Have some fun thinking about the ways you'd decorate or design this park model home.

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