Tiny Island House With A Folding Wall For Outdoor Living

Tiny Island House With A Folding Wall For Outdoor Living

This unique small house design has a floating wood stove and a folding wall to open up the space to the outdoors. The tiny island house is hidden away on an island in the lake of Loosdrecht in the Netherlands. The tiny house has been designed by 2by4-architects on behalf of a family who uses the tiny cabin as a quiet vacation getaway. The tiny cabin design was completed back in 2011 and is has 226 square feet of space. The tiny cabin has been designed to embrace the natural surroundings and sits quietly against the backdrop of the surrounding forest. According to the 2by4 architects, the glazed gable ends on the tiny cabin help to create a tunnel effect, which helps to emphasize the islands slim but long shape.

The exterior of the tiny cabin has been clad with timber, and the end bays of the tiny house were painted in a bright white, which highlights the simple form of the cabin building. The tiny cabin building also an outdoor decking area along the length of the cabin building that hovers over the lake. The interior of the tiny cabin has been custom built to the user’s needs. Some of the features of this tiny house design include a sofa in the living area that can be folded down to create the bed. The living area can also be opened up to the outside with the use of folding walls. The cabin building has a suspended wood burning stove that helps to create a sense of coziness in the otherwise modern, clean-cut space. The back of the house is dedicated to the small kitchenette and dining area. The front of the cabin building contains the living/sleeping area and bathroom.

The tiny cabin building has a small split in the levels between the front and the rear living areas, which helps to define the rooms from one another without disrupting the overall flow, or the views. The tiny cabin is a simple, functional and understated design with its focus on the natural surroundings. The tiny house is located on an island in the lake of Loosdrecht. The scenic island has a long, slim shape, which restricted the available space for the tiny house.

The entire back wall of the tiny cabin is covered in windows, which helps to provide beautiful views of the natural surroundings. The dining table in the tiny cabin is located next to the windows so that the view can always be enjoyed during meals. To enter the tiny house, you approach from the back of the house, cross alongside, and then come around to the door. The idea for this set up is to showcase the tiny home from multiple angles before you go inside. In the wintertime, the walls of the cabin building can be closed to keep in the warmth and provide a cozy look and feel. During the warmer summer months, one of the walls in the cabin building can be opened, letting in the warmth, and fresh air. On nice days you could jump right out of the open wall in the cabin building and go for a swim.

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