Travel Around the Country with a Beautiful, Tiny House Livable Space

Travel Around the Country with a Beautiful, Tiny House Livable Space

The Adventure Series tiny house on wheels is a way to live big in a tiny home. The Adventure Series is designed for easier towing, using lightweight building materials and a more aerodynamic shape. The tiny house on wheels includes everything you need to travel or simply park it on your perfect piece of land. The unique roof design in this tiny house allows for maximum loft height in the sleeping area. The tiny house has a kitchen, bathroom, lounge/dining area along with storage stairs included. Use the 6000 SL as an art studio, office space, games room, mobile business, library, teenage retreat, holiday accommodation, Airbnb and more.

The Adventure Series tiny house on wheels has a two burner includes a bathroom vanity, mixer tap, built-in shaving cabinet, flushing toilet with soft close seat, towel rail, toilet holder, shower with multi-directional shower head and mixer and framed shower screen with pivot door. Other bathroom features include an aquapanel to shower walls and vanity splash back, double glazed frosted sliding window and mechanical exhaust fan (optional). The loft includes a Velux skylight roof window (flyscreen and block out optional blind extra), Louvre window with flyscreen, one king-sized bed loft space, one single bed loft space, LED lighting and choice of carpet or commercial grade vinyl plank flooring.

All of the tiny house models come with solar power. The electrical system for solar power includes a 250w solar panel, 20amp MPPT charge controller and a 105AH AGM battery storage to power all of the lights. Also included in the tiny house on wheels is a 15amp inlet power point that is also fitted to allow for the owners to connect their tiny house on wheels to an external power source to run 240v power for electrical outlets and appliances. They call this a hybrid solar/mains system. If you would like to have more solar power and run all of your 240v power outlets and appliances from your solar system they have some packages for you to consider:

Energy Efficiency. All of the Tiny Homes use the latest LED technology for lighting. These lights run solely off of a solar panel and a battery storage system. This results in a significant reduction in the need for main source power which is still largely generated from power plants that are coal-burning. Live Sustainably in a tiny house. A Tiny house on wheels is an appropriate use of natural resources to house an individual or a family group. Everyone must live somewhere, so it’s important that the decisions you make on the size and the location of your home are well thought out. Being an individual and living in a three-bedroom house makes no sense.

Everyone can’t stop using natural resources, but when possible its a good idea to use renewable sources and use the appropriate amount. And as for the location of your home, considering where you will live about the place you work is essential in helping to reduce your dependency on high fossil fuel burning transport to get there. Especially in the modern workplace where people have a much higher number of different employers over the length of their careers. Tiny houses on wheels are transportable, so you can park it near your workplace. And if your job moves your tiny house on wheels moves with you. Its one of the great benefits to a tiny house on wheels that makes it the home of the future.

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