Two Toned Wooden Finish On The Newnan Barn Home

Two Toned Wooden Finish On The Newnan Barn Home

This Newnan Barn Home is just one of the beautiful barn style houses that you will find on the DC Builders Nationwide website. The black trimmed, two-toned wooden finish on the exterior of this beautiful barn build, offers a unique look to a stunning log barn. One of the key features of this barn home design is the double sided wood burning fireplace which creates a fireplace in the living room and on the exterior of the home as well. The stonework on the fireplace and the columns of this home is very well done and goes well with the wood and natural finishes on the home. While not all barn homes have stables attached to them, this barn home has a stable for horses attached to it which provides the perfect place to keep horses. There are large barn doors to access the horse stables and to bring the horses in and out of their stables. This would be a perfect home design for someone who has more than one horse or a ranch owner.

Inside the barn style house, the interior is gorgeously decorated and finished. With an open concept floor plan, they chose modern style leather furniture with wood accents. The colours they brought in are fairly neutral, but for a pop of colour, some purple and green is brought in. The colours are nice and deep which adds to the luxurious feel of the home. They also added in a chandelier made from antlers which bring in that rustic farmhouse style. The cathedral ceilings are what makes the space feel so large and bright, and the pot lights and windows throughout the home also help with this too. The kitchen is another wonderfully designed space with an island that can be used for food prep and eating. The neutral subway tile also fits in with the natural decor, but it brings an element of contemporary design as well. All of the cabinets are finished with a rustic wood texture which looks great and keeps with the farmhouse style. Even though they don't show the upstairs, there is a beautifully handcrafted staircase leading up there where the bedrooms and bathrooms are.

You will find a variety of beautiful barns and log barns to choose on this site. DC Builders Nationwide is a reputable full-service custom barn home builder. They specialize in pole buildings, log barns, equestrian facilities, run in sheds, riding arenas, garages, and custom structures. Typically barns are agricultural buildings that are mainly located on farms. Barns can be used for many purposes, most often for storage of crops, and housing livestock.

Barn builds can also be used for equipment storage, threshing and can offer a covered workplace. You can also have tobacco barns or dairy barns. Did you know that a barn that keeps cattle is called a Byre? In the United States, you would find barns typically built with the wood hewn from trees that were on the farm. The style of the log barns was built as log crib barns or timber frame structures; you would also occasionally find stone barns in locations where the stone was the cheaper material for building. Today, you will see older barns that are still standing, a testament to the history of the area. You will also find many people building, or using remodelled barns for homes they live in full time or brand new barn homes like this one.

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