Unique Natural Bathtub Makes For An Inspiring Bathroom

Unique Natural Bathtub Makes For An Inspiring Bathroom

Bringing natural materials into building not only increases the value of the home, but it also helps to make your home feel closer to nature and the natural world around us. Most home building materials and fixtures are made out of synthetic materials since they are cheaper to produce. That can be fine for lower budget projects, but for those who value high quality and longevity, natural products are the way to go. You may have seen wood used a lot in building, and a nice pairing to wood is usually always stone. It's a natural material that is readily available and comes with a lot of great attributes including being resistant to wear and tear as well as being quite affordable depending on the type of stone that's being used. These products are far superior to their synthetic and faux , and they will usually last for years and years once they are installed. Plus, they're natural, which means that they can be healthier for your home and for you and your family.

So if you value natural materials and beautiful fixtures in your home, you will absolutely love this selection of stone bathtubs found in homes all over the world. Having one of these awesome tubs in your home would be like going to the hot springs whenever you want. You could run a nice hot bath and sink in pretending you're out in the mountains taking in a natural hot spring. The plus side is, you don't have to hike to get to this one. Stones have been used as accents in building and home design for centuries, but bringing in a huge stone tub is something fairly different and unique. You don't see this a lot in home design.

One of these stone bathtubs would be beautiful as the focal point of a large bathroom, especially if it were one of the only stone features. You can also see how adding stone bricks or tiles really helps to create that natural look without getting too expensive. Larger pieces of stone are going to cost more than the bricks that you can purchase individually or in a pack. One of the stone bathtub features you will see along with this article is a beautiful built-in stone bath and shower feature. The entire thing is created out of carved stone to make the square-shaped tub and the shower surround. A nice large window is also installed as well as beautiful timbers above. Wouldn't this be an incredible place to have a shower or a bath?

The natural bathtub sculpted out of a huge rounded stone is also a showcase piece. It has a large opening carved into it with a modern faucet attached to it and white painted stone walls surrounding. It makes for a very nice spa-like experience. Another bathtub is a lot like this and has natural river rock surrounding it on the floors and the walls. Some of the stone bathtubs are placed outdoors as well, which makes them even more natural looking and romantic.

For a really romantic bathtub experience, why not place two bathtubs right beside each other and then surround them in stones and rocks? The two deep bathtubs sit perfectly in a pile of rocks which makes them feel like they're out in a forest somewhere. This would be rather simple to recreate too if you found the right rocks to contribute to the project. One of the most incredible bathtubs has to be the crystal bathtub made from moonstone or quartz crystal. Wouldn't that be a dreamy and wonderful experience? Which one would you choose?

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