What a Transformation! This Charming Log Cabin Was Once a Creepy Abandoned Hut

What a Transformation! This Charming Log Cabin Was Once a Creepy Abandoned Hut

It's pretty incredible to see the before and after photos of the Burton Log Cabin. This restored cabin building was originally built in 1836 in Burton, Texas. The restoration of the wood cabin was done by Heritage Restorations. Inside this amazing cabin building restoration, there is lots of reclaimed wood on the walls and floors, antler lighting fixtures, comfy log cabin furnishings and unique log cabin details throughout. This log cabin restoration is like none of the log cabin home kits you will see as every detail is unique to this log cabin. On the exterior of this log cabin is a covered front porch with lots of seating to relax and enjoy the scenery. The covered front porch also has log pillars that offer up an appealing look to this already stunning log cabin home.

The forest surroundings of this particular log cabin is an extension of the log home itself. You can take elements from the surroundings and use them in your landscaping, and for the colour schemes, you use throughout the log cabin. Whether your log home kits and cabin kits for sale are surrounded by forest, mountains or beside a lake will add to the appeal of your home cabin kits. A log cabin restoration such as this works well with the use of reclaimed wood, stone, wood and logs throughout. The log cabin feels like an extension of nature, and you feel it in all of the log cabin details that you see.

It's not always easy to build in your log cabin kits in the exact location that you want, quite often because of the budget but also because some locations of the building locations can be challenging. Mountain roads may also be difficult and may require a staged delivery to the log cabin building site. And a steep slope can increase the cost of log cabin porches and outside log home decks. With that said other log home sites that can be challenging include ones that have gullies and creeks, especially if a potential risk might include flooding. If this is the case, you want to make sure that you have enough land to build your log home building or home cabin kits at a safe distance from the water. This is something to think about when building on clay.

This is why it always helps to have a professional real estate agent when you are looking for the piece of property to build your log home building or home cabin kits. If you’re purchasing from an individual, you’ll have to do the land research, yourself. You may have a certain vision for your log home; that may change once you know the details about the land. You will want to consider things such as the property-line setbacks which can influence the size of log cabin home you can build. A good idea is to take your wood cabin builder to have a look at the land with you to see if it is suited for your log home kits.

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