Where Do You Want Your Home? The WeeHouse Tiny House Can Be Dropped Anywhere You Like!

Where Do You Want Your Home? The WeeHouse Tiny House Can Be Dropped Anywhere You Like!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a brand new custom built home just dropped off onto your property? That's what had to happen with this Arado Weehouse designed by Alchemy Architects in Minnesota. The home was designed and built for a violinist in the Minnesota Orchestra and her family for off-grid living. The 336 square foot WeeHouse was placed on land near Lake Pepin which is part of the Mississippi River having shorelines in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Arado WeeHouse was built in-factory in 2003 by Geoffrey C. Warner along with other craftspeople, then it was delivered by truck, and dropped onto the exact spot by crane onto a pier style foundation. Then, the deck and an outhouse were added soon after. As placing a home can be tricky sometimes, dropping it in by using a crane is very helpful and it means that the home can be placed in areas where vehicles may not be able to drop it off. Because of the light weight and compact size of the WeeHouse, it was very possible to place it easily, and many of the other homes of a similar size would be just as easily placed. There have even been instances where homes must be airlifted and placed onto a foundation, but this can increase the costs of transporting quite a lot.

On the exterior, the home looks very simple, but in this simplicity, there is a lot of beauty. Clean lines and plenty of natural warm wood cover the exterior and then windows line the front of the home providing continuity with the outside world. There's also a nice balcony on the front of the home as well which creates a private, protected space to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The interior elements include even more beautiful wood such as Douglas Fir as well as some great Ikea cabinets and accessories to suit the small house design. The wood burning fireplace is at the heart of the space providing warmth throughout and everything is located in one room including the bed which does have a curtain around it to separate it from the living space. This tiny house would probably work most appropriately as a cabin or a guest house, although more and more people are choosing to live in smaller spaces like this one full-time to save money and pay off debts. It would be the perfect place to get some serious rest and relaxation enjoying the surrounding landscapes and peaceful quiet.

Alchemy Architects built this WeeHouse back in 2003, but they continue to build similar WeeHouse models for many of their other clients. They have a fun approach to architecture and design which they bring to each of their projects including their clients in the process. They are adamant about keeping their practices sustainable, and they use as many recycled and reclaimed materials as they can, along with reducing overall waste. Not only do they build smart tiny house designs, they also build larger homes and work on commercial buildings too. Along with other tiny house designs, WeeHouse was one of the first to spark some interest within the tiny house movement, and they are still popular today. A tiny home like this would be perfect for a recreational property or as a suite on a property in addition to a larger home. The WeeHouse could be seen as a home office space or even an exercise studio; it would also make for a beautiful guest house or rental property that people would absolutely love staying in. What do you think about this inspiring tiny house design?

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